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VORWORT, 04.10.10


Wie ihr seht, hab ich die vorherigen Einträge auf englisch geschrieben. Ich hab sie mal lassen, viele warens ja nicht





I left the school, because the people annoyed me everytime. And the teacher said, the school leaving examination is norm and nothing special anymore. So i got my job in this travel agency and i'm happy about - but there is the WiFi, a institution for further education and i passed the examination and the iq test (129!) for the school leaving examination, you can do in addition to my apprenticeship.


My boss allowed my to go for so much times to the WiFi for the tests and talks - and now i have the OK of the WiFi, but my boss don't want to let me go 32 fridays in the year(!) for my chance for my future! Even the union would pay her the money i'm not in our travel agency, so she wouldn't lose any money, but no, i have to understand her and let go my very big chance for my education.


I don't know if i should be sad or angry. I hope the future will change soon.





Yesterday I had a look @ the AMS Jobroom and there I saw a Job in the city I live. The great: My old neighbour is the boss of this travel agency, so today I'm gonna write her daughter, if I should get in her agency or write my application to the AMS. I hope she takes me! That would be the greatest. Go 4 it!



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